Organised play and your game

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Maximum Players: 100

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Publisher-Designer Track

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What is Organised play? How can it effect your games sales? Is it an integral part of a games design or something that can be added on at a later date? Is organised play just for collectable and competitive games, or can it feature as part of a board game or cooperative game play?

Join Alec Thorne, Ignacy Trzewiczek and Dave Salisbury to learn why and how Organised Play is more than promo cards, and how to include this in your design when creating your board game.

Alec Thorne

“At Asmodee UK I was hired into the then newly created role of Organised Play Coordinator nearly 3 years ago, this was in response to the ever growing number of Organised Play systems linked to the products which Asmodee UK distributes and the need to have a dedicated member of staff to coordinate this. I see Organised Play as an excellent tool to enable Bricks and Mortar store owners to grow and cultivate a community of players for game lines within their store. This is usually done via supplying them with Organised Play kits which often take the form of an ‘event in a box’. Stores can then use this kit to run events within their store to give their communities regular events to come to a safe space and play their games with likeminded individuals. In the past two years I have been lucky enough to help organise various national and European level events for Fantasy Flight Games, Square Enix, and EnterPLAY.

I look forward to meeting you all, hopefully aiding you in learning more about organised play and discussing your ideas as to how you can use organised play as an effective marketing tool for your games.”

Ignacy Trzewiczek
The CEO of Portal Games, joined industry in 1997 as a RPG writer, designer of Imperial Settlers, Robinson Crusoe and dozen of other RPG, card and board games. Father of two kids, fan of football, geek for life!

Dave Salisbury Owner of Fan Boy 3, an award winning FLGS and "Gaming Arena" in Manchester.