Intellectual Property & Board Games

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Type: Publisher/Designer Track

Day: Friday

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Start time: 16:00:00 - End Time: 17:00:00

Maximum Players: 100

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Publisher-Designer Track

Event Description

Jonathan Moss is a barrister at Hogarth Chambers who specialises in Intellectual Property. Jonathan is called to the New York Bar and previously worked for a US law firm where he spent time seconded in-house to the computer games company Sega. Jonathan’s practice covers all areas of Intellectual Property and the two most notable cases he has been involved in are the Supreme Court cases of Lucasfilm v Ainsworth (which considered whether a Stormtrooper’s helmet was a ‘sculpture’ under the law of copyright) and Magmatic v PMS (which considered whether the iconic Trunki children’s suitcase was protected by design law). Jonathan also plays far too many board games.

Jonathan will be talking as part of our Publisher / Designer track, sponsored by Cartamundi, with a seminar on Intellectual Property & Board Games touching on some of the following areas:
- What IP rights exist in relation of boardgames?
- Can you have IP protection in relation to game mechanics?
- Common issues which arise in relation to licensing IP rights and avoiding infringing a third party’s IP rights.
- Counterfeiting and the possible ways this can be tackled (including takedown notices etc.).
- Issues that may arise in relation to the use of third party online platforms to play games (such as Tabletop Simulator).