The Further Adventures of Lady Blackbird and The Last Chance: The ruins of Athiss

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Type: Role Playing Games

Day: Saturday

Price: £4.00

Start time: 09:00:00 - End Time: 13:00:00

Maximum Players: 6

Event System

Star Wars FFG

Event Description

Welcome everyone to the next instalment of

The Adventures of Lady Blackbird and The Last Chance.

You will not need to have played any of th other games I have run with these characters to enjoy the game. Each adventure has been designed so they stand alone. The Pregen sheets will give you enough information to play each character and understand their relationship with the others.

Yes, this game is a mix of dramatic relationships and high action adventure with a dash of comic tone (I hope but that’s up to you). Relax, have fun, even if you have never played an RPG if you act like it’s an original Trilogy Star Wars movie wou will hit the right tone.

It is a dark time in the Galaxy, The Empires grip is mighty and they a growing steadily every day,

Yet LADY BLACKBIRD thinks only of her sister and the red lightsaber she carried; even whilst staring her own delivered into her hands by R1 the droid that’s been with the The Last Chance for some time, Her only comfort is VAR the young helper the crew found soon after striking camp. His calm and quiet demeanour has given her someone to talk to.

The crew of the Last Chance blasted off from Scarrow after a pitched battle in its arena. The notorious PIRATE FLINT slain by his lover, the TWIN sister of LADY BLACKBIRD.

Pursued by pirates, debts and The Empire CAPTAIN VANCE has hidden the ship and crew amongst the treasure hunters of Athiss a planet on the edge of the rim.

But there is a strange atmosphere in the camp.

The long suffering bodyguard to Lady Blackbird BELITE finds it hard to relax, certain there is danger around every corner.

ARK’AM the best friend and first mate of the Captain has taken to wearing a larger coat and hat and keeping his head down. Though he does being something new back to camp every day and not necessarily from the ruins.

SNARIS waits for more, the true adventure has finally found him and he is certain it will come here. Why flee? Why hide?

And all are somewhat awed by the revelation that the Lady may be Jedi....