A Shadow in The Sky

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Type: Role Playing Games

Day: Sunday

Price: £4.00

Start time: 09:00:00 - End Time: 13:00:00

Maximum Players: 6

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Event Description

Quest is a fantasy roleplaying game where the characters are survivors of a war that lasted for centuries, only to find that others, watching from beyond their world, have been waiting for the war to finish, so they could finish off a weakened and demoralised people. But those who were left were not the ragged remnants of once proud civilisations, they were the chosen of Alenis, Goddess of the Viahem, and they would not yield their hard won lands to the invaders….

In recent weeks, caravans running over the mountains of Balion have been encountering issues on the high run. There have been two caravans lost, with no trace found of the cargo, the beasts pulling it, or the crew driving it. Runs are now being diverted around the mountains, but the length of time taken to get around the mountains increases the cost of the run by ten times and is not without its own dangers as the trip would either take the north road across the river in the regions frequented by Division Beasts, or the south run through the massive forest of Tolris where the Samca hold sway.

Garvel Grissom, a philanthropist and trader in rare and valuable goods, is in town looking to collect some information from the Illenial Observatory on the far side of the mountain of Insai. Grissom dresses in the manner of an Invicarn desert runner, his clothing elaborate wrappings of silk and rope, his hair is worn loose like a mane around his head and his voice is soft, with the sibilant hint of a Elevasion accent. He speaks slowly, choosing each word as if savouring a delicacy, and explains that his overwhelming concern is for the safety of the people he has working up in the observatory. He will pay for any attempt to recover his people, with a bonus for each of the workers retrieved and an extra bonus for completing their mission to gather information.