Everywhen (Chanbara) – Gunboat Assassins, Japan 1783

Product ID:RPG4000

Type: Role Playing Games

Day: Sunday

Price: £2.00

Start time: 11:00:00 - End Time: 13:00:00

Maximum Players: 5

Event System

Everywhen – powered by Barbarians of Lemuria

Event Description

Everywhen (Chanbara) – Gunboat Assassins

Japan, 1783; the Dutch Man o’ War Orange Princess has anchored in the waters off Edo Bay... normally foreign devils are allowed no closer than Dejima Island to trade. The Shogun himself has ordered you to eliminate the leader of a rogue clan conspiring with the foreigners, the Dutch captain of the Orange Princess, and to discover the reason behind the gaijin ship’s sudden appearance. Be warned: others in your profession have already been hired to thwart you...