Firefly: No Power in the ‘verse!

Product ID:RPG3932

Type: Role Playing Games

Day: Friday

Price: £4.00

Start time: 09:00:00 - End Time: 13:00:00

Maximum Players: 7

Event System

Firefly Cortex+

Event Description

“Now, there are those that live on the rim of civilisation that spend all their time looking outwards, into the black, and see the darkness. THE DARKNESS. Kind of darkness you can't even imagine. Blacker than the space it moves through.
This darkness, this other could be the darkness in a man’s soul though some it’s FROM BEYOND yet there isn’t anything other than man here and no power in the ‘verse mightier than a wad of cash!
Tags: 'Firefly' TV Show, 'Serenity' Film, Newbie Friendly, Character-driven.