A Light in the Dark

Product ID:RPG3823

Type: Role Playing Games

Day: Saturday

Price: £4.00

Start time: 09:00:00 - End Time: 13:00:00

Maximum Players: 5

Event System

Dungeons and Dragons 5th

Event Description

The people of Hightop had always known about the old Wizard's tower to the north-east. They'd even, in recent years, begun picking it for cut stone and fine terracotta tiles.
But when strange lights began appearing and the herds were threatened the Lord Hightop decided enough was enough, he'd call for some adventurers!
Pregen characters available, everything supplied.
A short dungeon crawl with traps, monsters and, surprisingly a wizard!
Good for new players. Pregen characters available upon request.

Setting Up

Some contact needed to set up characters.