Crystal Heart: Exotic Ingredients

Product ID:RPG3707

Type: Role Playing Games

Day: Saturday

Price: £4.00

Start time: 15:00:00 - End Time: 19:00:00

Maximum Players: 5

Minimum Age:15

Event System

Savage Worlds

Event Description

The Agents of Syn scour our world in search of Crystals, powerful relics of a bygone age which grant you super-powers should you dare to replace your own heart with them.

But not today.
Today... they cook.

On the island of Manahawa, the gumbo cooking competition is an important - even crucial - yearly event. This time, Syn has sent you as its representatives. The orders are simple: get the ingredients, cook the gumbo, win the competition.

That first part, though, might prove problematic, seeing as most ingredients will try to eat YOU first.

The game is based on the webcomic Crystal Heart ( and will be run in Savage Worlds. No need to know either of these; newcomers welcome!