Retired and Superpowered

Product ID:RPG3523

Type: Role Playing Games

Day: Friday

Price: £4.00

Start time: 15:00:00 - End Time: 19:00:00

Maximum Players: 6

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Event Description

Set in the mid 21st century, two decades after a devastating war with an invading alien species, New London exists in a world of Superheroes. Earth is almost back to normal and mankind is rebuilding its shattered cities. However, the legacies of The War remain. Super-scientists, mutations, Super-soldiers and aliens walk the Earth.

Many of these are using their abilities to forward their own agenda and only those equal in ability – Superheroes – stand a chance of foiling them. The world has come to accept and revere these saviours because of their role in saving the Earth from invasion and preventing its fall into barbarism in the decades following The War.

After fighting in the war, and labouring to rebuild the world, these Heroes were finally able to retire last year. Handing their beloved city into the protection of you - their protégés and replacements - they stepped away from the constant battles. At last they had time to rest, recover and heal, both physically and mentally.

Only now your fellow protégés – the city’s new heroes - are being murdered one by one and evidence is being planted to put the blame onto your mentors. And the authorities are reluctantly asking to bring them in for questioning. Despite your advice, they’ve decided to come out of retirement, pull on the old costumes and reform the team for one last adventure. Can you save them from themselves, the misguided Army and Police forces and whatever evil Villain is clearly gunning for them?

MANIFOLD is my brand new Multi-genre RPG. Easy to learn, using just 2d6, but with a cinematic feel and magic happening every time someone rolls a double. You’ll be encouraged to make your own characters – it’s easy and fun – but pre-generated ones will be available.