Murder on the Siberian Express

Product ID:RPG3510

Type: Role Playing Games

Day: Saturday

Price: £4.00

Start time: 09:00:00 - End Time: 13:00:00

Maximum Players: 5

Event System

Mutant Chronicles 3e

Event Description

The frozen wastes of Mother Russia, a wasteland abandoned by the big corporations. And yet, a stalwart nation of humanity carves out the semblance of a civilisation post-apocalypse. But the Dark Apostles still remain a threat to the solar system at large, and known to secure footholds on forsaken words. To counter them, the devoted Brotherhood, continues the legacy of Cardinal Durand to stamp out the taint of the Dark Symmetry everywhere.

But today, something goes terribly wrong when a high profile Brotherhood Inquisitor is found dead on the Siberian express, a most important man specially assigned to meet the Tsarina herself, and lead the establishment of a united Cartel and Brotherhood Mission in the Whitestar territories of old earth.

Now you, the foreigners are also under suspicion. Can you find the true killers and redeem yourself before the train reaches the capital and things nosedive even further?

TAGS: Dieselpunk, murder, mystery, abominations, action