Serious Gaming and Games Based Learning

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Day: Saturday

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Start time: 16:00:00 - End Time: 17:00:00

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Publisher-Designer Track

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How much can you learn from a game? Can educational games be fun? Our panel of experts from across Higher Education, Secondary Education and Business discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using games in teaching and learning.

Liz Cable – Liz creates games, especially escape games for learning and teaching. She is a PhD candidate in game-based learning, and locking people in rooms is a perk of her research.
Dr Sam Illingworth - Sam is a Senior Lecturer in Science Communication at Manchester Metropolitan University and is researching how games can be used to develop a dialogue between experts and non-experts.
Russell Jones - Russell is a secondary school science technician with an interest in bringing ideas from gaming into the classroom. He is currently developing a mega game to teach homeostasis.
Alex Moseley - Alex is Head of Curriculum Enhancement at the University of Leicester, and a National Teaching Fellow. He designs and consults on games for learning, and runs the Playful Learning conference and special interest group.
Martyn Ruks - With a background in cybersecurity Martyn has been delivering immersive learning for over 10 years with MWR InfoSecurity and now chronyko. Using a combination of storytelling, technology and puzzles chronyko delivers its services to some of the world’s largest companies.