Designing Mechanics for your RPG

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Publisher-Designer Track

Event Description

Darren Pearce, Ed Jowett, and Johnathan Lewis offer their opinions on designing mechanics for tabletop RPGs, when using licensed rules is best and what should be considered when creating your own rule set.

Darren Peirce
Darren is one of the Savage Mojo Family and wrote the Set Rising setting for Suzerain. His work on the Core Box 11 for the Doctor Who RPG won him a Gold Ennie in 2013. He won an Epic E-Book Award 2011 (Best Anthology) for his anthology work on Bad A$$ Faeries 3.
He's also worked on Dragon Kings, the spiritual successor to Dark Sun by Tim Brian Brown. Taking on the role of 13th Age lead writer, and working on the core book. He is currently the lead writer on Judge Dredd And the Worlds of 2000AD, the RPG developed and published by En Publishing.
Darren’s worked in roleplaying games since 2000, and hopes to carry on for a long time to come!

Ed Jowett
Ed is creator, rulesmith, project manager and insomniac behind all of the Era games. He's been producing tabletop roleplaying
games and card games for over 5 years now, and several of his creations have been nominated for awards. He's been an avid gamer his whole life
and wants to continue to bring fresh ideas to your table!

Johnathan Lewis
Johnathan has been a professional writer for over 15 years - he's a fount of knowledge about all things writing! More recently, he joined
the writing team for Shades of Vengeance and now not only contributes to tabletop roleplaying games, but heads the comics department. So far,
he's produced more than ten comics set in the various universes!