Star Trek Attack Wing UK Un-Nationals 2018

Product ID:MIN4021

Type: Miniatures

Day: Sunday

Price: £9.00

Start time: 10:00:00 - End Time: 17:00:00

Maximum Players: 32

Event Description

Welcome to the 2018 Un-Nationals for Star Trek Attack Wing!

With your hosts Dave Salisbury and Chris Phillips, we'll be boldly going through four rounds of Star Trek Attack wing Tournament and a T4 cut to determine who is the Emperor of the Star Trek Attack Wing UK Mirror Universe.

(Goatees mandatory!)

Wizkids have promised us some pretty cool prizes, and although this can't be an official UK Nationals, it can sure be an Un-Nationals. So set phasers to fun and set course for Starbase UKGE

Time Table

Registration 10am for 10:30am start

R1: 10:30am
R2: 11:30am
R3: 12:30pm
R4: 13:30pm

T4: 15:00pm
Final: 16:00pm