Corvus Belli's Infinity the Game

Product ID:MIN3652

Type: Miniatures

Day: Saturday

Price: £9.00

Start time: 10:00:00 - End Time: 19:00:00

Maximum Players: 24

Event Description

Welcome to the 5th annual Infinity tournament at the UK Games Expo.

This year, the event will be a 300pt, Spec Ops tournament meaning that each player may include a Specialist Operative with up to 12xp worth of skills and equipment.

The following missions will be used:

Round 1 - Tic-Tac-Toe
Round 2 - Capture and Protect
Round 3 - Acquisition

Tournament rules and missions can all be found on the online Season 9 rules pack:

Players will need to bring the following:
Tape Measure
A suitable model for a HVT.
Some way of accessing the rules - note that WiFi is not guaranteed.

Players should mark their miniatures 180 degree LoS on the bases even if the miniature is otherwise unpainted. If this is not done then any judge-calls regarding facing will be awarded to their opponent.

If anybody is able to bring terrain for the event then it would be much appreciated. I can be contacted on:

Players can find last year's tournament report here:

Setting Up

We will need a 6x4 table for each pair of players, ideally with table cloth in green/brown/grey.

Access to a power socket and extension cable for a laptop would be highly desirable.

Army Lists

Lists should be submitted via the online tournament manager:

Proxies should clearly represent the unit that they are standing in for and should be chosen so as to minimise confusion. The TO may veto unsuitable proxies, so if there is any doubt then please check ahead of time by email:

Players must bring printed copies of both their open and closed army lists and failure to do so may result in a penalty being applied.

Time Table

9.00 - Set up and registration
10.00 - First Round
12.00 - Break for lunch
13.00 - Second Round
15.30 - Third Round
18.00 - Prizes and close

Rounds will be two hours long and will start and end promptly. If there are concerns about being unable to finish a game then contact a TO as soon as possible.


Prizes TBC, based on number of players.

Will include a tournament pack from the most reason season and a variety of models, patches and other accessories.