Star Trek vs Star Wars

Product ID:LIV4411

Type: Entertainment Events

Day: Saturday

Price: £6.00

Start time: 17:00:00 - End Time: 18:00:00

Maximum Players: 300

Event Description

Prepare yourself for the ultimate showdown – Star Trek vs Star Wars! Geek culture collides in this fight to see which is better, a galaxy far far away or the final frontier. Hosting this passionate, explosive and heartfelt panel show, Rik Carranza invites two of our guests (John Robertson of The Dark Room and Paul Flannery of Knightmare Live and M.M.O.R.P.G) to engage in this battle for sci-fi superiority.

This comedy panel show should once and for all sort out which is better – Trek or Wars, Enterprise or Falcon, Phaser or Blaster, Jar Jar or Neelix? Will Star Trek ‘engage’ you or will you find it ‘most illogical’? Will Stars Wars make you ‘let go of your hate’ or will you ‘get a bad feeling about this’? The panel enthuse, defend, debate – but the audience decide.

Star Trek vs Star Wars has been a regular fixture at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe since 2015 and has appeared around the country, including London, Liverpool, Sheffield, Manchester and at the Bluedot Festival.