The M.M.O.R.P.G. Show

Product ID:LIV4410

Type: Entertainment Events

Day: Saturday

Price: £6.00

Start time: 12:30:00 - End Time: 13:30:00

Maximum Players: 300

Event Description

This is the M.M.O.R.P.G show.

A crowd gathers, no doubt they hear I seek a champion...

From Knightmare Live creator Paul Flannery comes The MMORPG show (Festival Spirit winner VAULT 2016, Outstanding Contribution winner VAULT 2017)
Following a critically acclaimed Edinburgh debut, the show that combines improvised comedy with table top gaming is back with even more adventures, campaigns and absurdities.

For every choice a consequence, for every show, a new quest
Success decided by a large D20 (20 sided die).

Will you be victorious? Will you bring harmony to the kingdom or will you betray your new friends for personal glory?

The MMORPG show combines improvised comedy with table top gaming in an
epic, sprawling, entirely made up fantasy quest of the audience's devising.

Join the legendary author of the massively successful Fighting Fantasy Books for a live reading of Deathtrap Dungeon.

Ian will be doing his best to lure our intrepid adventurer, John Robertson - star of the Dark Room - to a horrible death helped by you - the audience.

Will John emerge intact or will he be just another victim of the Deathtrap Dungeon?

This event is part of our Live Entertainment Schedule. Ticket price covers costs of running the schedule but Ian is not himself charging for this event. £2 of each ticket sold in the event cost will go to our supported charities.

This event will take place in the Toute Suite NEC.