Knightmare Live

Product ID:LIV4403

Type: Entertainment Events

Day: Saturday

Price: £10.00

Start time: 20:00:00 - End Time: 21:00:00

Maximum Players: 300

Event Description

A live stage adaption of the cult kids TV show Knightmare. Hosted by Treguard (Paul Flannery), featuring teams guiding an audience member through the epic dungeon.

Welcome, watchers of illusion, to Level 2. Following two sell-out Edinburgh runs, national tours and a show in the glittering West End, Knightmare Live returns with more adventure, characters, puzzles and monsters in this critically acclaimed stage adaption of the cult TV classic.

Each show one member of the public will be guided through Treguard's dungeon but will they succeed in their quest, or fall foul to one of Lord Fear's schemes?

"Never misses a beat"
"A nostalgic dream come true"
Time Out
"Expect at least 40% more danger"
Lord Fear