Tom Crosbie: The Performing Nerd

Product ID:LIV4400

Type: Entertainment Events

Day: Saturday

Price: £6.00

Start time: 15:30:00 - End Time: 16:30:00

Maximum Players: 300

Event Description

An hour of amazing skills with Rubik's cubes, mathematics and memory. A great show for the family.

Some might say Tom Crosbie's nerdiness knows no bounds. Tom disagrees; his nerdiness does know bounds, it's just that nobody has found the scale to measure it on yet.

Tom's return to the UK Games Expo sees him taking a jaunt into the unknown, with only his wit, cunning and surprising skills with a Rubik's cube to guide him.

Does it count as showing off if you thoroughly impress people with a performance packed with talents that nobody has any earthly business learning? If so, this nerd's nerd is quite the show-off. His show is on. Come see it.

"it might seem strange to devote an hour to watching an unassuming chap in a mustard waistcoat solve a Rubik's cube. But Crosbie's mathematics-infused performance, one-fifth gentle comedy and the remainder magic and memory tricks, is, against all odds, genuinely staggering....

...when he breaks out the unlikely secret weapon of a Rubik's cube, that he really excels. Solving the fiendish puzzle with one hand, two cubes at a time and even blindfolded, he confounds every attempt to guess the secret to his act."
Arts Press

"wonderfully droll, self-deprecating patter from a talented young performer. Expect amazing feats of memory, a test of your mental arithmetic and much amusement." Fringe Review