Live RPG Plus

Product ID:LIV3420

Type: Entertainment Events

Day: Saturday

Price: £5.00

Start time: 13:15:00 - End Time: 14:45:00

Maximum Players: 300

Event Description

At game cons for decades, Call of Cthulhu creator Sandy Petersen has run special convention scenarios of his own devise. It’s a rare exciting thing that someone other than Sandy gets to run one of these "Petersen's Abominations" games.

When you add the power of atmospheric sound and lighting in a live-audience adventure with an all-star party, well, it’s going to be extra legend-y!

Join Syrinscape’s Benjamin Loomes as Live RPG Plus returns to UKGE with Munchkin and Dork Tower artist John Kovalic, Pathfinder’s Jason Bulmahn and Amanda Kunz, Call of Cthulhu’s Mike Mason and host of Knightmare Live Paul Flannery in a very special game of Call of Cthulhu, Live RPG Plus-style! As the room is transformed with sound and lights, the players will clutch desperately to their sanity in an immersive game of psychic horror and Cthulhu mythos. Audience members are invited to not only watch the show, but to participate by offering up game twists and other suggestions to frustrate the players. What great revenge on your favorite designers! Yes, yes you can play with madness.

"I will definitely keep an eye out for you next year!"

"I was there. It was such a riot to watch."

"I am always a fan of letting other people help drive the game play and I thought the crowd did a fantastic job! Looking forward to MORE in the future :)"

"Wow, what an awesome game."

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Syrinscape is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year with The Year of Atmosphere and will launch the first-ever official sounds of Call of Cthulhu later this year. Visit for pro-tips on using sound and other effects that will keep your players immersed in the game and on the edge of their seats.