A Game Of Thrones 2nd Ed European Championships day 2 (elimination rounds)

Product ID:FFG3399

Type: Card Game Events

Day: Sunday

Price: £0.00

Start time: 09:30:00 - End Time: 19:00:00

Maximum Players: 63

Event Description

The A Game of Thrones LCG 2nd Edition European Championships returns to the UK Games Expo in 2018. Here you can find the details for the day 2 part of the competition on Sunday.

Depending on the number of players and the number of rounds on day 1 either all players on 16 points (6 rounds on day 1) or 21 points (7 rounds on day 1) will be included in day 2 of the competition.

The day will start with a “top x” round at 9.30am where players on the highest ranking may be given byes. After that the structure will follow the top 32/16/8/4/final structure until we have a champion.

You can find a visual representation of the schedule on the Facebook group page here

As with 2017, a main event ticket for one game qualifies you for any side events over the three days. A side event schedule will be published on the Facebook group page nearer the time of the event