Star Wars X-Wing European Championships Day2

Product ID:FFG3395

Type: Miniatures

Day: Sunday

Price: £0.00

Start time: 09:30:00 - End Time: 22:30:00

Maximum Players: 120

Event Description

The X-Wing European Championships return to the UK Games Expo in 2018. This year the scheduling is a little more dynamic and offers you the option of two days to start your campaign. You can either buy a ticket for Day 1a on Friday or Day 1b on Saturday (but not both). If you buy a ticket to both you will not be able to play in both. Do not do this!

Both of these days will cut to the day 2 on the Sunday with side events available on all three days for those not competing in the main event.

You can find a visual representation of the schedule on the Facebook group page here

This information is for players who made the cut with 2 or fewer losses from one of the day 1 options.

The day will start with a Top round where players will play their first elimination round. Players ranked highly enough may receive a bye for this round. The structure will then move to a top 64/32/16/8/4/final structure with a plan to finish by 10pm.

The number of rounds on day 2 will be dependent on how many players qualify from the two day.

As with 2017, a main event ticket for one game qualifies you for any side events over the three days. A side event schedule will be published on the Facebook group page nearer the time of the event