FINAL FANTASY TCG - Nationals Last Chance Qualifier

Product ID:CAR4214

Type: Card Game Events

Day: Friday

Price: £2.00

Start time: 09:30:00 - End Time: 15:00:00

Maximum Players: 64

Minimum Age:18

Event Description

This event is the last opportunity for players to qualify for the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game UK Nationals that will follow up on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June with awesome prizes!

16 - 24 Participants -> Top 4 will advance to the National
25 - 32 Partcipants -> Top 6 will advance to the National
33 - 64 Participants -> Top 8 will advance to the National

This event requires a valid UK Games Expo ticket for Friday 1st June. Players qualifying for the Nationals will get a free ticket provided for the weekend.


Prizing for top cut will be similar to the regionals of FFTCG:

1st Place - FFTCG Supply Set + Random Dissidia Promo Card
2nd Place - Black FFTCG Deckbox + FFTCG Sleeves
3rd Place - FFTCG Sleeves
4th Place - FFTCG Sleeves

Participation prizes: promo cards, boosters.