VS2PCG Marvel Good vs Evil event

Product ID:CAR3702

Type: Card Game Events

Day: Sunday

Price: £7.00

Start time: 11:00:00 - End Time: 15:00:00

Maximum Players: 16

Event Description

It is time to decide who will win, Marvel’s Heroes or its Villains. The sides of Good and Evil line up for the ultimate battle.

This VS2PCG constructed event requires each player to bring two decks: One built from Marvel Evil teams and one built from Marvel Good teams. Each game the winner of the initial coin toss/dice roll gets to decide to either choose whether they play/Draw or choose which deck they want to use.

If they choose to decide whether to play/draw, the other players selects the deck they want to use based on that information. The first player then uses their opposing deck.

Example 1: Ashley is playing Matt, and wins the coin toss, electing to go first. Matt then gets to pick whether he is using his Good or Evil deck, deciding that Professor X is his go to guy he picks Good. This means that Ashley now goes first but has to use his Evil deck.

Example 2: Garry is playing JP and wins the toss. Garry decides he wants to use his Daredevil deck, so now JP gets to decide if he wants to go first or second now he knows he is using his Evil deck.

Tournament will be Swiss, best of one timed matches.


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