UK Kingdomino Championships

Product ID:BOR4723

Type: Boardgame Events

Day: Sunday

Price: £5.00

Start time: 11:00:00 - End Time: 15:00:00

Maximum Players: 50

Minimum Age:8

Event Description

Do you have what it takes to become King of the realm and win a place in the Kingdomino World Championship 2020, hosted by Blue Orange?

Think dominos, but better! Crowned ‘Game of the year 2017’, Kingdomino puts a majestic twist on a popular classic.

Kingdomino will be played with the Age of Giants expansion, to allow for 5-player games. The championship is open to all players aged 8+.

Game play

You are seeking new lands to expand your kingdom. Connect your dominoes wisely to build the most impressive realm, but be careful, other Kings are also after these profitable lands. The objective is to build a 5 x 5 grid by connecting matching dominos. Crowns are needed to score big! Be careful with the giants, as they squash crowns in their path!

You’ll be placed into groups of 5, where you’ll play a round of Kingdomino with the Age of Giants expansion. The winners of each game will then proceed to the next round. Game play will continue until the final game, where the overall winner will be decided and crowned victorious!

For example, if there are 25 players, 5 games of Kingdomino will be played. The winner from each game will be awarded a prize, before going on to compete in the final game. The winner of this game will be the UK Champion.

This event is sponsored by Coiledspring allowing us to offer the ticket price ta £5 each.


Everyone who takes part will receive a Kingdomino promo item. Winners from each game will also receive a meeple trophy.

The grand prize is entry into the World Championship hosted in France in 2020.

The UK championship winner will also receive: 200 euros worth of Blue Orange games, flights and accommodation.

Kingdomino World Championship
In 2020, Blue Orange will host a world championship, where the winner from each partner country will compete for a chance to win 3000 euros.