Agricola UK Championship

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Type: Boardgame Events

Day: Saturday

Price: £7.00

Start time: 10:00:00 - End Time: 20:00:00

Maximum Players: 32

Event Description

Agricola UK Championship

The Agricola UK Championship 2019 is played on Saturday 1st June at the UK Games Expo. The tournament is played with the latest edition of the game released in 2016.

The number of rounds will be dependant upon the number of entries. For up to 16 players there shall be 3 rounds. If there are 17 or more players a fourth round shall be played between the four players ranked highest after round 3. Games are drawn such that everyone plays against a wide number of opponents and in the later rounds the strongest players will be matched against one another in order to decide a champion.

Game Rule Clarifications
- Card Drafting: At the start of the game players are dealt seven profession cards and seven minor improvement cards. Each player chooses one of each type to keep before passing the remainder to the player on their left. This process is continued until each player has drafted a full hand of seven professions and seven minor improvements.

For queries regarding tournaments run by the Mind Sports Olympiad please contact us via our
MSO @ UK Games Expo webpage

Time Table

Please note all timings listed are only an estimate, earlier or later round start times may be announced on the day. If in doubt, consult an umpire.

10:00 Registration Closes
10:10 Round One
12:30 Round Two
Break (time permitting)
15:30 Round Three
18:00 Final (if necessary)

Estimated finish time 6:30pm (9pm if a final is required).


Prize is £200 travel allowance provided by Lookout Games towards for the winners travel and hotel costs to attend the World championship to be held in 2019 in Europe (venue TBC).

Winner will need to submit receipts for travel and hotel costs to receive the reimbursement.