Catan UK Championship Quarter Finals

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Type: Boardgame Events

Day: Saturday

Price: £0.00

Start time: 10:00:00 - End Time: 15:00:00

Maximum Players: 32

Event Description

Catan UK Championship Quarter Finals

The first day of the two day Catan UK Championship tournament. 32 players will qualify for the Quarter Finals (for details on how to qualify refer to our Qualifying event on Friday 31st May).

The Quarter Finals are played over three rounds of games, all played four player. After three rounds players are ranked in order of most games won, then by most victory points scored and points percentage.

The top 16 players will progress to the Semi Finals round held on Sunday at the UK Games Expo.

Game Rule Clarifications
- No friendly robber rule.
- Trading and building are the same phase, and can be conducted in any order that the player chooses.

For queries regarding tournaments run by the Mind Sports Olympiad please contact us via our
MSO @ UK Games Expo webpage

Time Table

Please note all timings listed are only an estimate, earlier or later round start times may be announced on the day. If in doubt, consult an umpire.

10:00 Registration Closes
10:10 Round One
11:30 Round Two
Break (time permitting)
13:30 Round Three
15:00 Estimated Finishing Time