Carcassonne (4 Player)

Product ID:BOR4563

Type: Boardgame Events

Day: Friday

Price: £7.00

Start time: 16:00:00 - End Time: 20:00:00

Maximum Players: 48

Event Description

Carcassonne Multiplayer Tournament

This tournament is open to all players, beginners and Carcassonne experts alike. We will play four rounds of four player games with players awarded Tournament Points based on the results of each round. Games are drawn such that everyone plays against a wide number of opponents and in the later rounds the strongest players will be matched against one another in order to decide a champion. After four rounds the player with the most Tournament Points is the winner!

This tournament should not be confused with the Carcassonne UK Championship held on Saturday 1st June. The two tournaments are ran independantly and are designed to cater for players who wish to play the two player and four player varients seperately. There is no obligation to take part in both (although you are more than welcome to!)

Game Rule Clarifications
- We play the standard game without any expansions (is no rivers, abbots etc). Farmers are played.
- Two tile cities score 4 points when completed.

For queries regarding tournaments run by the Mind Sports Olympiad please contact us via our
MSO @ UK Games Expo webpage

Time Table

Please note all timings listed are only an estimate, earlier or later round start times may be announced on the day. If in doubt, consult an umpire.

16:00 Registration Closes
16:10 Round One
17:05 Round Two
18:00 Round Three
19:00 Round Four
20:00 Estimated Finishing Time