Ticket to Ride UK Championship

Product ID:BOR3426

Type: Boardgame Events

Day: Sunday

Price: £7.00

Start time: 10:00:00 - End Time: 15:30:00

Maximum Players: 64

Event Description

Ticket to Ride is elegantly simple to learn yet offers plenty of opportunity for strategic and tactical decisions. The event is the UK Championship for Ticket to Ride.

The tournament shall be played over three preliminary rounds followed by a final. In the preliminary rounds players are matched against a variety of opponents and score Tournament Points based on their results. After three rounds the four players with the best scores contest the final to determine the winner.

Time Table

10:00am - Round One
11:00am - Round Two, followed by lunch
1:00pm - Round Three
2:00pm - Final
3:30pm - Prize Giving


Prizes will be a voucher valid at the UKGE exhibitors. Value to depend on the number of entrants. 16 to 31 = £25
32 to 48 = £50
49+ = £100