Product ID:BHG4382

Type: Miniatures

Day: Saturday

Price: £18.00

Start time: 09:30:00 - End Time: 17:30:00

Maximum Players: 14

Event Description

15mm & 25mm/6mm Competitions are being staged. Please contact the list checker to confirm which scale event you are entering.

15mm Event
Lists: 400 point maximum, drawn from 2nd Edition lists
Theme: Book 3 dates - 471AD - 1071AD
6' x 4' tables
‚ÄčThe rules to be used are DBMM V2.1

"25mm basing" Event.
Lists: 400 point maximum, drawn from any 2nd Edition list
Theme: Open
6' x 4' tables

2 Day Event (buying a Saturday ticket grants entry on Sunday.)

Time Table

For both events the following schedule will be played:
Games will be 3 hours 20 mins plus a 1-10 min(s) variable
Saturday 930-1300, 1345-1715
Sunday 9300-1300, 1400-1730