Friday 21 - Sunday 23 Aug 2020
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This is what to do to apply for a stand at UK Games Expo.

If you wish to book a stand or another service from us, first read the exhibitor's guide which contains everything you need to know about exhibiting.

You then have these options:

  1. Go ahead and fill in our online application form. (NOTE: When filling out the form please don’t book a co-exhibitor if all you want are additional exhibitor passes. See Passes step 15 of exhibitors guide for details on passes.)
  2. If you would prefer to ask a few questions first you can do so by emailing Richard.
  3. If you would like to discuss your applications on the phone please call our office on +44 (0) 1562 69391 The phone is usually answered between 10 and 4 on MON to THU. It may be that a return call will be arranged.