Friday 30 Jul - Sunday 1 Aug 2021

De-mens Rea - a Call of Cthulhu scenario for Down Darker Trails

19:00 - 23:00 BST
Maximum Attendees
Minimum Age
Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition - Down Darker Trails
Craig Nelson


De-Mens Rea

Fritz Loughridge sits terrified in jail, as the good townspeople of New Slaford build a scaffold for him outside. A notorious outlaw, bandit, and hoodlum; leader of the feared Loughridge gang and very terror of these parts;  he stands accused of multiple heinous crimes, some stretching the very bounds of reason itself! 

But it’s a mighty strange thing that he just handed himself in to the townspeople and miners he’s so long victimised, all meek and scared and begging to be put into their cells… for if a man could be convicted on reputation alone, fearsome Fritz Loughridge would already be swinging from the nice new scaffold the locals are building for him.

This ain’t no place for “frontier justice” though! Not in the modern America of 1885 and the great new State of Oklahoma! A fair trial must be had and a righteous judgement delivered. As sworn lawmen (and women) and duly appointed officers of the court, it is therefore your singular duty to travel out to New Slaford, establish the matters of fact in this case and try the accused before a jury of his peers in accordance with the law.

For guilty as Fritz seems, how can a man be in three places at once?

Scenario Notes

  • Includes investigative and mystery elements as you build the case for the prosecution / defence
  • Culminates in you trying the case itself, making arguments and cross-examining witnesses in the trial as prosecution or defence counsel
  • Some potential for combat, depending on how things go, but mostly RP based
  • Descriptions of violence and death, including (potentially) death by hanging
  • Pre-generated characters provided
  • Rules will be taught at the table, enthusiastic novices welcome
  • Ludicrous American accents strongly encouraged

NB - Although this scenario is loosely based in August 1885 in Oklahoma, USA, we will not be including many of the prejudices of the time in the game, as they're both boring and icky. Pre-generated characters can be played as any gender and ethnicity, as you prefer.