Friday 21 - Sunday 23 Aug 2020
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Alien Dark - Fiorina 161

19:00 - 23:00
Maximum Attendees
Minimum Age
Alien Dark - These rules provide a way to explore the Alien Universe with lite rules inspired by Cthulhu Dark. No previous knowledge required; rules will be taught in play.
Alun Rees


Introduction: I have run over 200 hours of RPG online in the last 12 months, including this game, so, if you've never played online, you are in safe hands.

Concept: This is a game about people on the frontier of human space. Out here corporations compete for dominance while colonists risk everything to carve out a better life.  Alien Dark is inspired by the Cthulhu Dark rules (by Graham Walmsley), the Alien franchise, and the Alien RPG (Free League Publishing).

Aim: Players take the role of people working on the frontier of human exploration as ship’s crew.  They may have been scientists or colonial marshals or even marines before this, but now they are cogs in the corporate machine, being confronted with the harsh reality of the Frontier.

Tone & Subject Matter: This is a game where corrupt corporations manipulate ordinary people for profit and where alien xenomorphs use human hosts as incubators … there will be [CONTENT WARNING]GORE & BODY HORROR.  This is a game where the fate of every character is bleak.  Even the mechanisms that help vent stress provide only transitory, and often costly, respite.  Often that cost will be to another player character …

Safety Tools: We'll be playing with the X-Card, Lines & Veils.  Starting Lines (which will not appear in the fiction) will be sexual violence & violence against children.   Starting Veils (which may appear but we will cut to black) will be Sex.  Players will have an opporutnity to suggest other Lines or Veils at the start of the session ... but ... GORE & BODY HORROR ... you've been warned.