Friday 30 Jul - Sunday 1 Aug 2021

Imperial Assault IACP Tournament

09:00 - 18:00 BST
Maximum Attendees
Minimum Age

Imperial Assault IACP Tournament

This is an Imperial Assault Tournament using the IA-Continuity Project Season 5 Approved Updates. You can find the official changes and print-able cards at

Players will be paired to play up to 5 rounds of Swiss (for 17+ players) and the top 8 cut will continue on in single elimination on Sunday. Games will be played in 55 minute game rounds with 10 minutes for setup. Once time is called, players will finish out the round and determine winner. The Finals will have not have a time limit.

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8:15 Registration

9:00 Game 1

10:30 Game 2

12:00 Lunch Break

13:00 Game 3

14:30 Game 4

16:00 Game 5

17:30 Results and other announcements

Army Lists

Lists must be constructed following the standard skirmish point limits:

maximum of 40 points of deployment cards

maximum of 15 points of command cards

15 total command cards

This tournament will use the IACP Season 5 Approved changes:


Coruscant Senate Office (Emperor Palpatine figure pack, Heart of the Empire tiles) - Missions A & B
Chopper Base, Atollon (Hera and Chopper figure pack, Core Set tiles) - Missions A & B
Jabba’s Palace (Jabba the Hutt figure pack, Jaba’s Realm tiles) - Missions A &

Setup Details

Players are expected to bring all components necessary for their list including miniatures, cards, dice, tokens, and map tiles or mats. 


Participation Prize : Alt Art Ahsoka
Top 16: Alt Art Diala
Top 8: Alt Art IACP Assassinate
Top 4: IACP stun tokens
Champion: LED modded Vader miniature, base coated black.