Friday 29 - Sunday 31 May 2020
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Bushido Grand Masters Tournament

09:00 - 19:00
Maximum Attendees


The Masters Format is the premier Bushido Tournament. This allows players to show their mastery of the game as it should be played with competitive players fighting for scenario points with sportsmanship a primary concern.

This Format requires the most player skill and knowledge of the various scenarios but should be accessible for newer players to join in and not feel overwhelmed and will use the Masters rules as described in the Bushido: Risen Sun Tournament Pack available here:

This is a Grand Masters Event, allowing for the top players to try winning the most coveted prize: The chance to work with GCT to design their own Bushido Model and have it released as a new character to recruit in Bushido: Risen Sun.


9:00am - Registration & Round 1 Pairing.<br>9:30 - Round 1 Begins<br>11:30 - Round 1 Ends

11:45 - Round 2 Begins<br>13:45 - Round 2 Ends

14:30 - Round 3 Begins<br>16:30 - Round 3 Ends

16:45 - Round 4 Begins<br>18:45 - Round 4 Ends

19:00 - Awards and Placings

Army Lists

100 Rice lists.  Any released models (Including any released at the Expo) are permitted.