Friday 21 - Sunday 23 Aug 2020
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Legend of The Five Rings Grand Kotei (weekend ticket)

09:00 - 22:00
Maximum Attendees

For more information on prizes please visit:

We’re excited to announce the 2020 UK Grand Kotei at UK Games Expo

For more information on UK Games Expo please head to

You will also need a UK Games Expo Ticket to enter the event. For more info on this please head to the UK Games Expo tickets page.

Main event


Main event ticket: £25

The Main Event Ticket allows access to the following:

  • The Grand Kotei Main event
  • The Proving Ground Side event
  • The Custom Contest Side event

All skirmish and Enlightenment pods will be free to enter

Registration for the main event opens at 8am on Friday/Saturday morning and closes at 9am sharp.

Players can enter both Day 1a and Day 1b of the Grand Kotei. Players that qualify for Day 2 during Day 1A cannot enter Day1B.

Please buy the Weekend ticket to play on one or both day 1's

Day 1a (Friday)

Players will complete in swiss rounds that will cut to a single elimination bracket on day 2.

Day 1b (Saturday)

Players will complete in swiss rounds that will cut to a single elimination bracket on day 2.

Day 2

We will merge the standing from day 1a and day 1b to form a single elimination bracket.

Players that qualify for day 2 can register on Sunday from 8am to 9am

Side Events

Proving Grounds – Proving grounds will take place on the Sunday of the event. This will be a 5 round swiss event. Koku will be awarded for each game of the Proving Grounds, players that achieve a 5-0 record will also win a reserved seat at the L5R Winter Court World Championships!

Players in day 2 of the Grand Kotei that get eliminated will have the opportunity to join the Proving Grounds with an X-0 record based on how many rounds of the cut they played. Players who reach the Top 8 of the main event will not have the option to join the proving grounds.

Skirmish Pods – These will be 8 player pods that will start on Sunday. Koku will be awarded for participating and for each game you win.

Enlightenment Pods – New to the Kotei series Enlightenment pods will give players an opportunity to play the new Multiplayer game mode, these will be on demand games that start after round 2 of the Grand Kotei. Players will be awarded Koku for playing a game and an extra Koku if they win.

Costume Contest – The costume contest will take place on the Sunday during the lunch break, contestants will be judged on their costumes by the Hatamotos in attendance at the event. Each player that enters the Costume Contest will be awarded 5 Koku with the winner getting an extra 5!

For more information on side events please visit:

Head Marshal



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