Friday 21 - Sunday 23 Aug 2020
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KeyForge Vault Tour Day 1A

09:00 - 22:00
Maximum Attendees

The Vault Tour Prize wall will be at the event for players to redeem unique prizes.

For more information on Vault Tour prizes please visit:

For information about the Vault Tour series including any announcements for prizes, please go to the link below:

Vault Tour Main Event Ticket: £25

  • The Vault Tour Main event, including 3 KeyForge Decks to play with in the Vault Tour!
  • You’ll also get 6 Side Event entry tickets to be used for pods/premium side events. More information below!

Side event ticket £5

  • All Archon side events cost 1 Side event ticket
  • Sealed side events vary depending on the amount of decks given out for the event. For example a sealed solo 8 player pod will cost 2 Side Events tickets. The decks for side events will be included with the ticket.

All side event tickets will be purchasable during the event. You will need a UK Games Expo entry ticket! This can be purchased at

Main Event Information

Registration for the main event opens at 8am on Friday/Saturday morning and closes at 9am sharp. Players can choose to play either Day 1a or Day 1b - you cannot participate in both Day 1s though.

Day 1a Friday

Players will complete in swiss rounds that will cut to a single elimination bracket on day 2

Day 1b Saturday

Players will complete in swiss rounds that will cut to a single elimination bracket on day 2.

Day 2

We will merge the standing from day 1a and day 1b to form a single elimination bracket.

Players that qualify for day 2 can register on Sunday from 8am to 9am

KeyForge Vault Tour will run Swiss rounds that will cut to a single elimination bracket top cut. Players who have not been eliminated will advance to the top cut. The top cut will take place on Sunday. All main event rounds will be best of 1 up to the top 8, all rounds from the top 8 onwards will be best of 3.

Prizes for the main event will be given in Æmbershards. The champion of the event will receive a travel budget which can be used to fund their travel to an upcoming Vault Tour. Players that make day 2 will receive additional Æmbershards depending on their final placement. Æmbershards are given out as follow.

Æmbershards rewards

All players will receive Æmbershards for participating in the Vault Tour, these Æmbershards can be spent on the prize wall to redeem prizes!

- 30 for participation

- 15 per win

- Top 32 (Day 2 only) 50

- Top 16 (Day 2 only) 75

- Top 8 (Day 2 only) 100

- Top 4 (Day 2 only) 150

- Finalists 300

- Champion 500

More format/Variant details TBA soon!

For the main event Æmber is added to your account at the end of each tournament day (approximately 30 minutes after the last round concludes as we'll need to wait for the last games to finish, enter results and upload etc...).

The Vault Tour offers you the chance to redeem your Æmbershards for any of the KeyForge-themed prizes from the Prize Wall, and you'll find prizes that are entirely unique to each stop along the Tour.

For a look at the Prize Wall options revealed thus far, head over to the Organized Play section of the Master Vault and visit the Prize Gallery!

Players must remember to bring their Deck with ID card alongside the QR code from their Mastervault App. We strongly recommend taking a screenshot of your player QR code in the case that you do not have mobile internet at the convention hall.

Decks played in the Vault Tour will be awarded power levels, below is a breakdown of how power levels will be awarded to decks.

- Power Level 3 for Participation

- Power Level 5 for Top 16 (Day 2 only)

- Power Level 6 for Top 4 (Day 2 only)

- Power Level 7 for Finalists

- Power Level 8 for Champion

Format: Sealed (3 decks)

Variant: Solo<

Day 2 will be single elimination bracket.

For tournament regulations and more visit;

For the Fantasy Flight Games Floor Rules please visit:

For more information on Formats/Variants please see the below link:

Side Events

More information on side events will be announced.

Side event Information

Side events will run each day. A side event schedule will be posted before the event, this will include all the timings, formats and variants of the side events. Players will need to come to the side event/prize wall in order to register. Arriving at the prize wall before the given time is best as it means to will have a better chance of finding other players to join a pod with.

Each side event awards Æmbershards as prizing as follows and Æmber is added to your account after the conclusion of the side event...

Archon/Sealed Pod Events get you...

- 2 for participating

- 5 Æmber per win

(This will give you a maximum Æmber per pod of 17!)

Scheduled side events such as the get you...

- 3 for participating

- 0 additional shards if you end up 0-4

- 5 additional shards if you end up 1-3

- 10 additional shards if you end up 2-2

- 20 additional shards if you end up 3-1

- 40 additional shards if you end up 4-0

(This will give you a maximum Æmber of 43!)

Æmber is added to your account after the conclusion of the event

General Information

- Spectators are allowed to attend the event, they will need a UKGE ticket. We simply ask that they do not disturb any of the events we are running

This is a premier level event, you must have opaque sleeves

No chains will be awarded at Vault Tour events, chains earned at Chainbound events DO NOT count at a Vault Tour