Friday 3 - Sunday 5 Jun 2022
Exhibitor Live Demos

CORE RPG DEMO: Angelica Star with GM Draeus

Exhibitor Event
09:00 - 18:00 BST
Minimum Age


<i>Angelica Star</i>
The Angelica Star is a Graphic Novel and is set in our up and coming to Starfall CORE World, a sci-fi Campaign Setting.

Also, the Angelica Star is planned to have a set of adventures created based on its crew and adventures. 

Take on the role of a crew member and get a taste for the CORE RPG System in this Demo Game. Storm a pirate ship and retrieve a crate full of loot and get off before the pirates stop you!

The CORE RPG is a universal roleplaying system designed to be used for any genre. Take this opportunity to play a few rounds of the game with the designer, who will answer questions while you play. Or simply talk games and have fun. We are excited to hear your characters exploits in your own games too!

See how tactical the CORE RPG can be and how exciting the opposed dice mechanics becomes during tense circumstances! Pick up some tips while you play too… The Demo will be run by GM Draeus an experienced Expo Games Master.