Friday 21 - Sunday 23 Aug 2020
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18:00 - 22:30 BST
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Catan Tournament

This tournament is open to all players, beginners and Catan experts alike.  We will play three rounds of four player games with players awarded Tournament Points based on the results of each round.  Games are drawn such that everyone plays against a wide number of opponents and in the later rounds the strongest players will be matched against one another in order to decide a champion.  After three rounds the player with the most Tournament Points is the winner!

The games will be played on Catan Universe, the official online app for Catan.  You can play for free using a "Scroll" or by purchasing the full game.  Scrolls give you 24 hours unlimited access to the full game but you only get so many that you can use.

Game Rule Clarifications

- Standard rules as per the rulebook, no expansions.

- The trading and building phases can be carried out simultaneously. You can perform these

actions in any order you choose on your turn.

- The “friendly robber” variant is not played. The robber may be placed on players from the start of

the game.

For queries regarding tournaments ran by the Mind Sports Olympiad please contact us via our MSO @ UK Games Expo webpage or speak to us on our Discord server:

How to Join

The tournament shall be organised via the Mind Sports Olympiad Discord server, which enables us to use text & voice chat throughout the tournament (voice chat is optional).  To join, please follow this link:

Please ensure you join the channel on time (refer to schedule) so that we can get everyone organised and to avoid disappointment.

We encourage all entrants to also sign up via the Mind Sports Olympiad website.  This helps us to gather information that we require for the tournament such as your username in advance and will allow the tournament to run far more smoothly.  It will also make you eligible for MSO titles, awards and prizes.  Sign up at


Registration Opens: 17:00

Registration Closes: 17:45

First Games Commence: 18:00

Expected Finish Approximately: 22:30