Friday 21 - Sunday 23 Aug 2020
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UK Crokinole Championship

09:00 - 19:00
Maximum Attendees
Minimum Age

Setup Details:

We will source boards primarily from players in the community, potentially with assistance from a sponsor if one can be found who is willing to provide additional boards. Please contact Ian Witt to confirm whether you are able to bring a board to be used in the event.

Score sheets and pens, timing equipment, spray wax, 20 holders, gliss/wax and other relevant items will be provided as far as possible, but please feel free to bring any of these things with you if you can, it would be a great help.


The event will start with a player meeting at 9am to confirm attendees and communicate the exact structure and running order for the day. Depending on the number of players and the number of boards available to us, we will have a tournament structure to cater for this.

Note: Timings of 9am to 7pm are based on a longest-case scenario, so depending on attendees and how long some playoff games run, the end time could be significantly earlier. Players who do not progress beyond the initial Swiss rounds will finish earlier than those who do.

As things stand, we aim to begin play by 9:30am to give plenty of time for everything to run. At a minimum, players will play a number of Swiss rounds (exact numbers dependent on players and boards available), followed by a cut to a round-robin, then semi finals and a grand final to decide the champion. The initial Swiss portion of the tournament is likely to last between 2 and 4 hours depending on total players.

Matches will consist of 4 rounds, scored in accordance with National Crokinole Association guidelines, with each round worth 2 points for the winner or 1 point each in the event of a tie, so there are 8 points to be awarded in each match. There will be 12 minutes to play each match and a system to control movement of players between matches, but this will all be explained in more detail closer to the time.

There will be plenty of opportunity for casual games after the initial round-robin matches are over, as there should be at least some boards available at that time.