Friday 3 - Sunday 5 Jun 2022
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The Dark Room

21:30 - 22:30 BST


YOU AWAKE TO FIND YOURSELF IN A DARK ROOM! Come play the world’s only live-action text adventure! Will you: A. Find Light Switch? B. Go North? C. Sleep? D. Die painfully?

It’s almost always D in this deranged, anarchic geeky gameshow. Somewhere between a rock gig and a one-man LARP, John Robertson’s The Dark Room is a legendary interactive experience you won’t forget until YA DIE!

“NOT TO BE MISSED” (Guardian), Winner - Chortle Legend Of Lockdown 2020, Total Sell-Out - Edinburgh Fringe 2019. Since 2020, John’s Twitch partner Dark Room streams on have raised over £80,000 for various charities.

In 2022 The Dark Room celebrates its tenth year with new maps and traps and games - come play!


“The Dark Room” is the world’s only live-action videogame. And definitely the only live-action videogame to become an actual videogame.

Interactive and insane, this is impro comedy + retro gaming
fused into a deranged rock n’ roll game show.

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