Friday 30 May - Sunday 1 Jun 2025
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Paris Gondo's LIVE-Saving Magic of Inventorying

18:00 - 19:30 BST


Will our star-studded cast of TTRPG streamers and podcasters succeed in BANISHING ENCUMBRANCE FOREVER?


Join us as Kalum (The Rolistes) introduces four talented Actual Play streamers to the six steps of the play-based GonParis Method:


- Nathan Blades aka The Neon Caster (Campaign: Skyjacks, Masks 2044…)

- Helen Gould (The Rusty Quill)

- Mark Thompson aka Mustangsart (Combat Wheelchair creator)

- Eunice Hung (London Indie RPG Meetup, Indie Games on the Hour iGOTH)


Let's find out!


You might learn a few tricks to declutter your own game shelves!