Dare you face the Dragon's Den?

Dragon's Den Submissions close Midnight monday 14th April. We will not accept any more after then.

At Expo we are going to be giving all you budding games designers an opportunity to actually put your ideas to people who can do something about them. Every year we are asked "How can I get my board/role playing/abstract game published?" This year we want to bring publishers and budding game designers together. This is your chance to pitch your game to a panel of people who matter. Succeed and you get guaranteed one on one meeting with the dragons who accept your pitch. No more hanging around games stands hoping to speak with someone who counts.

Want to pitch a game? UK Games Expo Dragons Den - do you dare enter?


If you wish to enter the UK Games Expo Dragon's Den you need to apply using the following form. We need your name and email as well as a pitch for yoru game. Tell us in 100 words or less an outline of the game concept. We will use this to invite the games that we feel have potential to pitch to the Dragons.

Guidance: A game concept should be more than just in your head. It should already be developed as far as a prototype that has been play tested a few times. Your pitch at the Dragon's Den will be enhanced by having some prototype to show the dragons. The dragons do not expect to see production artwork but grasping a game concept is much easier if they can visualise the idea. We will confirm the time you have for your pitch but it wil not be more than a few minutes dependant on the number of entries.

Entry for the Dragons Den is now closed

Meet the Dragons

The dragons are all individuals from the games industry. They have experience publishing, distributing or selling games and have all agreed to allocate some time to potential applicants to guide them forwrad with game developement. They don't guarantee to put money into a project or to see it to cnclusion but can all advise about the next stages in developing a game. If your pitch is really good one of them might just bite and take it further.

David Burns Angus Abranson Roger Martin Dominic McDowall Paul Bryant

David Burns was one of the founding partners of Static Games which has over the last 25 years become one of the most respected games stores in the UK.

Now a director with A1 toys ,David is chief buyer and head of acquisitions for the company.

A1 toys and partner companies a1 games and a1 comics are at the forefront of UK games retail and have exclusive sales rights on many of the UK’s top performing games.

Having recently expanded into publishing and wholesale they continue to strive to bring the best products to the widest possible marketplace.

Visit A1 comics

Angus Abranson is the founder and owner of Chronicle City who operate a print partnership programme and now work with over 30 companies. Chronicle City is also developing their own card/board games.

Previously Angus worked in hobby retail for over 20 years, helped launch Valkyrie magazine in 1994 & has worked on other RPG magazines. He ran Dragonmeet from 1999-2011, operates the Gameforce Network and is one of the owners of Nightfall Games (creators of SLA Industries). Angus was a Founder and Director of Cubicle 7 where he looked many tasks, leaving in December 2011.

Follow Angus on Facebook.

Roger Martin is the founder and owner of Coiledspring Games, building it from a business that distributed one game and one puzzle; to a seven figure turnover with a portfolio of over 400 products.

With his background as a commissioning publisher, the next logical step was for Coiledspring Games to start publishing games – one of which was discovered at UKGE last year and will be released at this year’s event.

With a finger firmly on the pulse of retail trends and his dragon claws round the throat of anything stopping a great game getting to market, Roger brings both his experience and a balanced approach to the panel; fierce enough to ask hard questions but measured enough not to turn anyone to ash. Unless their game is really terrible.

Dominic McDowall is CEO of Cubicle 7 Entertainment, publisher of award-winning games including The One Ring, Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space and The Doctor Who Card Game. He has directed the creative teams at Cubicle 7 since co-founding the company in 2006.

As well as running the company, Dominic’s hands-on credits include writing, editing, line development and creative direction. Dominic and the Cubicle 7 team have won a range of accolades including ten ENnie Awards and two Origins Awards.

Dominic recently ran Cubicle 7's successful Kickstarter campaign for Cthulhu Britannica: London which reached its funding goal in under 8 hours and achieved 602% of its target.

Paul Bryant is a Director of Spiral Galaxy Games, the company that brought us 2011 Card Game of the Year, Braggart and is perhaps better known for his role at Games Lore Ltd.

Spiral Galaxy Games is actively working on several games for publication during 2014 as well as growing it’s Distribution role and Fulfilment Services.

Paul has never managed to get one of his own designs to a stage where he’s been happy to present it so good luck with yours.