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UK Games Expo - Customer Page
By clicking this button you are accepting all of the listed hours and the volunteering policy for the UKGE. If you need to change these hours for any reason you will need to contact the volunteer managers via email.

Welcome to the UK Games Expo Customer Portal

Edit Customer Details

If you wish to change any of the details we hold for your account you can do so by clicking edit details link below. This will allow you to change your customer name or the email address you login with.

This page is here to help you get the most out of your time at the UKGE by making things as simple as we can and putting all the info about your weekend in one place.

So what can you find on this page ?

  • Your orders - all your current orders are in the orders tab below. This is a real time system so orders will appear here as soon as you have paid for them. If your are not seeing what you thought you should then contact us immediately.
  • Collecting Your Tickets - info can be found here
  • Volunteering - This tab links to the volunteer application. If you have applied then it will give you the latest information on what times you have been offered and accepted.
  • Umpire or GM - This tab shows all the games that you have volunteered to run and has links so you can edit certain sections of the game description.
  • Bring and Buy - Link through to the Bring and Buy data entry system

Collecting Your Tickets

In order to make collecting tickets, volunteering and umpiring simpler the following pdf will allow you to collect all your orders at the same time and gives you a print out of what you have agreed to do.

Please note that even if you haven't ordered any tickets yet a pdf will still be generated if clicked.

Download and Print

This link will generate a pdf you can save and print - it contains a list of all your orders/volunteer slots and games you are running and the barcode to collect your tickets. It is the fastest way for you to collect your pre ordered tickets.

There are no orders for this Customer

You have not volunteered at this years's expo.

If you would like to volunteer please read through our volunteer guide and Volunteer Policy, then you can apply by filling in the volunteer form.

Required Training

This year UKGE requires all volunteers to attend webinar training sessions. These sessions are designed to ensure that all volunteers are adequatey prepared for the roles they are volunteering for at UKGE. The webinars you will need to attend are listed below along with the dates and times they are available. Please use the buttons to register for the relevant webinars

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You are not required to do any additional training at present

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You are not running any games at this year's expo. If you wish to submit an event click here.

If you want to run a game at this year's expo then full details of how to do so can be found here

There are rewards for various levels of Volunteering so please to check out the website for more details

Bring and Buy

The Bring and Buy at the UKGE uses an electronic booking and selling system because of the scale of the task. If you wish to sell at the bring and buy then you must submit your items via the website. All you will then need to do is bring your items and low tack labels will be printed for you to stick on the items and then away you go.

Click here to enter your bring and buy items

These games may require additional info by the GM/umpire and other players.

If you are not sure what do then please read the additional game information page

If you click the game title it will show you what other players have submitted for their class, level and roles to help you build the best combination for your game.

FirstnameSurnameGameLevelClassCombat role
You have no games that requires additional information

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