Cosplay and Reenactors Weapons, Costumes and Props Policy

Policies for safe Cosplay and reenacting at the UKGE

Please be careful when selecting weapons and props to bring to an event. As costumers and eventers our team understand you don't intend to cause fear or alarm by choosing the most suitable prop or weapon for your costume, but general public can sometimes misunderstand the intent behind a costume or a weapon, so we advise caution and operate a weapons and props policy on site.

The organisers of UK Games Expo maintain the right to deny admission to any individual if in their discretion the costume or props poses a hazard to safety or might cause offense or distress to visitors. UK Games Expo is a family event and we ask that you bear that in mind when selecting your costume.
Please do not bring anything to UK Games Expo that could be considered under the offensive weapons act.

The list below is an indication and is not exclusive but is a guide. Please do not bring:
Daggers, swords, axes, spears, javelins or blades with sharp cutting edges or points.
Live firearms of any type.
Active BB guns or any type of air rifle or pistol.
Any form of explosive device.
Loaded missile weapons such as Crossbows.

Notes on Reenactors and Cosplay Weapons
Reenactors and Cosplayers will of course bring replica weapons and fire arms. However we wish to avoid any misunderstanding and panic amongst the general public outside the UKGE Trade Hall so we ask that you carry these weapons in bags or other transportation options that  means they are kept out of sight until you reach the allocated stand you have been given. Do not walk about outside the Trade Hall with weapons in plain sight.
Blunt reenactors weapons are permitted. These may be inspected to ensure they are blunt.

Please do not engage in combat or attempt to strike other cosplayers, visitors or any part of the Trade Hall with the weapons. Demonstrations of Weapons and fighting styles may only be permitted following prior discussion with the UK Games Expo organisers including appropriate risk assessment. 
In the case of some weapons and costumes the organisers may ask you to restrict yourself to the Cosplay/ reenactors area. In this event some props may be able to be used for photoshoots under supervision in the cosplay area at the managements discretion.

If you bring an illegal weapon to the Expo you will be asked to leave the site with the weapon in a private car or taxi to your home and/or the Police will be informed.

Oversize costumes/Costumes with limited visibility
 Some of these can fall into the category of the most amazing costume ever seen, however like all great things they carry a risk. 
 If you have a costume which limits your manoeuvrability, or your vision please make sure you have a spotter with you. 
 If your costume is bigger than would fit through a standard domestic door please again make sure you have a spotter.

Exceptionally large or wide costumes may require more than one spotter.

Should you only wish to bring these costumes to exhibit and for photos in the cosplay area spotter requirements may be waived as the cosplay team may be able to assist you in this zone.