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You Must Be Bunkers!

4 September, 2020

You Must Be Bunkers!

The world is ending, and you and a group of like-minded individuals have a bunker to live out the apocalypse.

However, there are people wanting to join you in your bunker, but there is limited space.

You and your group must decide who is worthy to join.

The Objective of the game is to get the people you deem worthy into the bunker before it reaches maximum capacity.

Recruitment is not easy, as players must take turns to be the leader and listen to the rest of the players to pitch the person of their choice.

The leader will then decide who is the most worthy to join the bunker and proceeds to give the player a ration, which will be used for scoring at the end of the game.

Back the hilariously chaotic card game now.

Either the standard edition or the survival edition which comes with extra bits!

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