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WinGo Games — Your Game’s Artisan.

23 March, 2021

WinGo Games — Your Game’s Artisan.

Founded in 1992, WinGo Industry Ltd, we are a leading board game manufacturer in China.

WinGo Games

We have 13 years of professional board game and card game manufacturing experience, we produce all kinds of board game components such as boxes, cards, game boards, plastic miniatures, meeples and other game accessories.

We cooperate with more than 500 long-term customers in over 60 countries. With the development of newly expanded factory, we have more than 150 staff members; dedicated to the production, quality control, customer service, and project management.

We have realised 7000 + games for our global partners so far and won a lot of positive WOM please seen here.

WinGo Games

We offer a one-stop service for tabletop games and are always committed to provide you a complete service pack for your games.

We help you with the product development, artwork design, game prototyping, certification, manufacturing, shipment and fulfilment service, as well as marketing support and global operations.

Our project engineering team is professional, experienced, efficient and reliable. Effective communication and professional experience enable us to win the recognition and trust of customers. See more here.

Wingo Games

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