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UFO Wave: The Tactical Card Game Of Alien Supremacy

28 July, 2021

UFO Wave: The Tactical Card Game Of Alien Supremacy

UFO Wave is a competitive resource-gathering card game for 1-6 players age 8+ entirely themed on the UFO subject.

Created by a UFO Investigator and with cartoon artwork by a genuine witness, it’s the most authentic UFO tabletop game ever released!

However it’s been designed to be fun and accessible, and is enjoyable whether you have an interest in the subject or not.

UFO Wave

In UFO Wave you take on the role of an alien species visiting Earth.

You are tasked with performing activities and absorbing energy while avoiding your opponents and groups of interfering humans.

You must use your advanced craft and abilities to manipulate the game and achieve victory by scoring the most ET points.

UFO Wave

UFO Wave is launching on Kickstarter at 12.00 GMT on 29th July 2021.

There are early bird rewards for initial backers and many great stretch goals to unlock!

For updates head to the Kickstarter preview page and click the Notify button or subscribe to the website.

UFO Wave

Paradigm Games, the publisher of UFO Wave, will be at the UK Games Expo (Stand 2-1057), so you’ll have a chance to try out the game, meet our alien mascot Bob and speak with the creator!

See you there!

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