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There can only be one survivor…

8 August, 2020
Damnation: The Gothic Game

Damnation: The Gothic Game

On a remote plane in Hell, a series of Victorian era villains find themselves damned – condemned to hunt and be hunted by one another for all eternity under the watchful eye of the fiendish Count Dracula. Each day, the villains are reincarnated with no memory, and the hunt begins again…

Damnation: The Gothic Game is a dark competitive game that sees 2 - 6 players compete to be the last survivor as part of a vicious battle royale. Taking on the role of one of six unique villains, players will explore Dracula’s castle in an effort to find powerful cards that can be used to help them survive the night.

As the story unfolds, players will find themselves struggling to escape from the dreaded Great Spiral Staircase, searching for powerful relics whilst avoiding trap infested corridors, and even playing as Dracula himself – no two games will be the same.

Damnation: The Gothic Game

Praise for Damnation: The Gothic Game:

“We have had the pleasure of playing so many new games. This has been a real highlight for me. This is my game of 2019.”

Jamie Bray – Die Rollin’

“It’s murderous delight in the hellish dominion of Dracula, revamped for the modern board gamer. I’ve not had so much fun like this in quite a while!”

The Creators Consortium

“Crack a beer, stick your favourite horror movie on in the background and dim the lights and you’ll have a blast with this one.”

Matt Smail - Nerdly

Damnation: The Gothic Game will be released on Kickstarter later this year. For more information visit

Damnation: The Gothic Game
Damnation: The Gothic Game