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The game about Christmas you can play all year round

3 November, 2021
Christmas Rush Game

A test of memory, scruples and a smidgeon of luck! Christmas Rush is the game about Christmas you can play all year round.

You are an Elf, helping Santa to get all the presents under the tree. Sounds simple ??…

First you have to find your presents, moving around the board and viewing tiles trying to find matches for your present cards. Collect those that match but they are not safe until you have wrapped them as other players will get opportunities to take them from you.

Can you remember where you have already looked ?

Do you have enough wrapping paper ?

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Once all of your presents are wrapped, you are on the mad rush back to the tree on Holly Highway.

The Snowflake cards may help or hinder you.

The Christmas Tree on the dice that allowed you to wrap presents, now makes you go backwards and there are some naughty elves that want to send you back to Santa’s Grotto.

This is a fast paced fun game for all the family.

Up to 6 players and great fun for children and adults alike.

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