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The Esdevium Discovery Zone: Join Us!

22 July, 2021
Esdevium Discovery Zone

The Esdevium Discovery Zone

With the in-person return of UK Games Expo fast approaching, it’s the perfect opportunity to get excited about discovering your next favourite game.

At the Esdevium Discovery Zone, you’ll be able to try out a wide variety of the hottest new titles in the capable hands of Asmodee’s friendly team of demonstrators.

Flesh and Blood

Flesh and Blood

Players on the hunt for a thrilling new trading card game simply must try out Flesh and Blood. This two-player tussle in a vivid dark-fantasy world casts players as heroes in epic duels, each hero offering greatly differing playstyles while the game’s unique resource-management system enables satisfying decision points.

Already a huge word-of-mouth success among TCG fans, Flesh and Blood offers two formats to suit different player types and occasions.

Alongside the more traditional Classic Constructed, in which games last between 30-50 minutes, the game’s Blitz format is perfect for more social gaming at just 10-15 minutes.

Colt Super Express

Colt Super Express

Another bite-sized hit on show in the Discovery Zone will be Colt Super Express, 20-minute twist on the hit action-programming game!

Players compete to be the last bandit standing, secretly planning actions on a train that sheds its rearmost carriage at the end of every round.

It’s thrilling, hilarious chaos that will make you feel on top of the world when your plans pay off – and its travel-friendly format ensures that you can take the fun anywhere.



And be sure not to miss Mariposas, the latest game from Elizabeth Hargrave, designer of the acclaimed Wingspan!

This gorgeous game of movement and set-collection sees players control the migration of butterflies across North America.

Find the Esdevium Discovery Zone on stand 2-480.